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The new technology from Normalit that creates healthy, comfortable and  efficient environments.

SaLuz® luminaires are inspired by the sun to adapt to the biological cycles.

SaLuz® is a registered Trademark. SaLuz® technology has been protected by utility model number 201931533.

Why some lighting
makes us feel good
while others create stress?

Light does have an impact on our vital rythms, as well as on our physiological  processes, our mood, our capacity to focus, our emotions and of course, our health.

And, even though artificial lighting is quite useful, our biology is still programmed to adapt to natural lighting, to its cycles and its features.


SaLuz® technology is inspired by natural light.

  • They adapt to our vital natural rythms.
  • They prevent damages to eyes and skin.
  • They prevent headaches, nausea and dizziness.

How does the technology SaLuz® work?

SaLuz® is a technology that stresses some aspects of the light.

​​​​​​​Adecúa automaticamente  el ritmo circadiano

Adapts to the circadian rythm.

SaLuz® modifies the temperature colour of light through the day, to match our natural biological rythms, improving the activation level, the mood and the sleep / awake cycle.


Flickering control (risk free)

Flickering are small brightness fluctuations in the artificial lighting that can be perceived as blinks. Prolonged exposure to lights with high flickering can cause headaches, even migraines and nausea. SaLuz® guarantees a flickering risk free.

Controla la seguridad fotobiológica

Controls the photobiological safety.

Luminaires equipped with SaLuz® technology are considered to be risk free for the eye and the skin, according to the European Norm about photobiological safety (EN  62471).

Healthy concepts in lighting 

SaLuz® luminaires reproduce by themselves the luminic cycle of the sun. To do this, we have considered as a reference the sunrise and sunset of Madrid each day of the year, and this has been associated to a light spectrum for each time of the day. This variation of spectra takes place continuously, but is imperceptible with the naked eye.  Out of the day cycle, the luminaires emit a spectrum that has been designed to mimize the melatonine inhibition.


Do you know what Circadian Rythm is and how does it affect your life?

People are naturally synchronized with the sun. In the mornings, the intensity of the light and the proportion of blue light shades help us to be more active. In the evenings, the intensity and the proportion of the blue light shades decreases, which helps us to relax and get ready to rest.

Areas of installation

There are patients with a limited mobility that have little exposure to natural light and, hence, to the stimulus that help them to synchronize their internal clocks.

SaLuz® technology stabilizes their circadian rythm. It relaxes or activates them as the sunlight would do, according to the time of the day, and also helps them to improve their sleep.

The professionals looking after them will also improve their performance and well-being.

There are many kids that are subject to a lighting which is not healthy. Even in places where photobiological risks, flickering and UGR have been considered, they are still exposed to an unsuitable and/or constant colour temperature that makes them loose biological rythm.

This affects their attention capacity, alters their coordination, their reaction capacity, etc.

In indoors atmospheres where we usually spend most our our day (offices, schools, etc.), artificial light does not change its tone or its intensity and there is a desynchronization from our vital rythms.

Science has proven that this directly affects our performance, our mood and our sleep.


Self-contained and universal luminaires

Luminaires including SaLuz® technology are the first ones in the market that can symulate circadian cycle without connection to any other fittings.

The luminaire includes a clock and a calendar with the date, the time and the season of the year. It is only necessary to connect it to mains.

Just installation to mains

  •         Without additional wiring
  •         Without control elements
  •         Without commissioning
  •         Without configuration

Automatic synchronization


Saluz (R) Self-contained

Once the luminaire has been connected to mains, it automatically modifies the intensity and the tone of the light all over the day.

Saluz (R) Self-contained +  


Same features as the self-contained version but additionally including a sensor which makes it possible to regulate the amount of light.

​​​​​​​Saluz (R) Tunable white


This version makes it possible to modify circadian cycles from Normalink in  remote, and also to adapt them to the specific needs of the project.

SaLuz® ecosystem

The SaLuz® ecosystem is made up of luminaires equipped with Saluz® technology (Hat HR, Polart, Trazzo Avant, Nassel Avant, Luzerna Avant, Sealed), the Saluz Easy bluetooth control application and the BT-P4P and BT-Z control modules.




SaLuz® Easy is the Normagrup App that allows you to manage SaLuz® technology via Bluetooth from mobile devices. With an intuitive and minimalist design, Saluz® Easy allows you to manage healthy illumination in a flexible, intelligent and comfortable way.



Módulo BT-Z


The BT-Z Bluetooth control module module allows you to control Saluz® luminaires through the same power circuit, simplifying installation. The configuration and control of the equipment is carried out through the Saluz® Easy application or through buttons connected to the BT-P4P module.

bt-z data sheet

Módulo BT-P4P


BT-P4P is a control module that allows pushbuttons or a switch to be connected to the Saluz® system for manual control of the equipment. It allows you to manage power, color temperature or select preconfigured scenes.

bt-P4P data sheet


Saluz Easy

luminaires can be easily controlled from any portable device thanks to the Saluz® Easy control app; With an intuitive and minimalist design you can manage healthy lighting in a flexible, intelligent and comfortable way.

Control modules SaLuz®

Easy connects to SaLuz® luminaires through the BT-Z control module, which allows controlling between 15-20 devices (up to 400VA). It is also possible to manually control the equipment through the BT-P4P control module, connecting up to 4 buttons to control the power on, the temperature, the selection of preconfigured scenes or select the mode configured by SaLuz® Easy.

Luminaires with Saluz ®

Normalit luminaires product ranges with SaLuz® (healthy lighting)



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